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About the Team


Team Ascension formed in the first year of Ascension Rock Club in 2015

Team Ascension was established in 2015 under Coach Emily Mengershausen at Ascension Rock Club. Since its inception, many of our young climbers have participated in regional, divisional, and even national competitions nationwide. Most of those who graduated from the team continue to pursue their passion for climbing today.

In 2017, coach Lee Petersen joined Emily at Ascension and is now the head coach, working alongside assistant coach Elyssa Watford since Coach Emily’s departure. Team Ascension has grown to include 21 dedicated young climbers, divided into two distinct programs: our competitive team, consisting of 13 members who travel for competitions, and our Junior Team, focused on recreational climbing and skill development. Together, we strive to nurture the growth and success of our young climbers in a supportive and engaging environment.

Testimonials From Past Team Members

Hear from our alumni: how Team Ascension impacted their lives and climbing journeys

Team Ascension was a wonderful experience that helped me gain endless knowledge about climbing, working out, and keeping in great shape, and it gave me an amazing sport to work at and train for. The team not only gave me a way to keep active, but through it, I made lifelong friends and became a part of a welcoming and friendly community of people who also love climbing.

Cassidy Meyer

Team Ascension changed my life in many ways. It got me to Regionals my first competition season. It got me to the Youth National Championship in 2020, and it absolutely got me to where I am now, mentally as well as physically. I learned how to push myself to try harder and be better without pushing TOO much. It was and still is so much more than just a team – it’s a family.

Chenoa Williams


Competition and Training Photos